Saturday, 26 January 2019

New Challenge at Inkspirational!

Hi friends!
We have a new challenge for you at Inkspirational! This time it's a photo inspiration, have a look:

So cute, right? I was inspired by the white & pink -color combo, the heart-shaped cookies and the bold sentiment on them. I used a Concord and 9th die for the heart and the die cut Winnie and Walter sentiment is a pressie from my good friend and fellow Ink team mate Sandie. :) The heart is inked with distress inks and I added splatters of water, pearl white water color and white acrylic paint on it. A very simple CAS card! 

Have a look what the rest of the Ink design team created from HERE and I hope to see you playing along! 

I'd like to join: 

CASology: Smile
A hug always brings a smile to your face! 


  1. This is STUNNING!! I love the masking of the heart!!

  2. Super clean, yet rich in color, Nonni! Happy sigh from me~ ;)

  3. Hi Nonni... love the color you achieved on this heart and the clear dots. They make for a great design!
    - Shauna

  4. So your gorgeous heart!

  5. Beautiful design Nonnie, love the crisp 'hugs' ontop of that beautifully blended heart. xx

  6. Simply beautiful - I love the shades of red and pink.

  7. A simple and effective design, love the ombré effect!

  8. Beautiful inking! I love the way the bold sentiment fits in the heart. Thanks for sharing with us at CASology this week!

  9. Gorgeous, Nonni ... lovely blending and delicate splattering on that fabulous rich heart ... the crisp white sentiment is just brilliant against it! Hugs, Anita :)

  10. Beautifully CAS and bold. Thanks for joining in the fun as CASology this week.

  11. GASP! Breath taken away by your outstanding masking/blending of the heart! Perfect! And the white hug...swoon! I love x adore this, my talented friend!


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  14. What a beautiful card Nonni. Love that pretty heart and the bright white sentiment too. It really stands out so well with the pink ;) Viv xx

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