Thursday, 13 April 2017

Spring/Easter Cards with Pia and Marina Post 4/4

Hi friends! 
Today is the final day when I'm posting spring and Easter-inspired cards with Pia and Marina. We swapped 3 card making kits and today we share cards made with the leftovers, combining materials from all the three kits. To be honest I'm only combining materials from different kits in my bird card, the egg-tag card is made entirely of stuff I sent. :) Also, I used all materials in Pia's kit for making three cards (+ ruining one stamped image...) for yesterday's post so what you are looking at the birdcard is materials from my kit and from Marina's kit. 

The bird card
I decided to have a little bit fun with the bird die cut from Marina's kit! I think the original look is an elegant looking dove or a swallow maybe... But I'm afraid inking her up with "paradise bird" colors and even adding a googly eye and a die cut bow may have made her loose some of the elegance in the process. :) The die cut frame comes also from Marina's kit. The sentiment and dotty paper come from the kit I sent. 

You Crack Me Up Card
This stamped image-sentiment combo was kind of an "extra" in my kit -I added it just for fun. It was just for a laugh but I did decide I wanted to use it for real! The easiest way was to cut it to a tag and make a simple CAS card with it. I love this layout with the angled layer on the base card and want to use it a lot in the future! Also loving the copper glitter card in my tag frame + all the shine from the die cut border that was part of my kit.

All and all you've seen 10 spring/Easter cards from me this week... Thank you all who had the energy and time to have a look at them and even comment! This was again an amazingly fun swap. Thank you girls! 

I hope you'll now head on over to Pia's and Marina's blog for more inspiration... I can't wait to see how the girls used their leftovers! 


  1. My kit was perhaps a bit too small this time. But well done using everything in it, minus one mishap:) I think the colors of the bird are so pretty and the added eye is a fun detail. I loved that little image/sentiment on your second card with all the sparkle and shine, decorative layout too!

  2. You've made two fun and slightly quirky cards with your leftovers. I love the googly eye! The angle thing looks great. I really wanted to make something with that glittery die-cut. I took my bag of leftovers to the scrapbook retreat last weekend and haven't been able to find it since. I don't think any of us used my cage die-cut...tbh I only included the bird and cage in case either of you hated the Cottontail Cuties - I shouldn't have worried. I've loved every card you've made...thanks for a great swap.

  3. Lovely card with the colorful bird! And, second card is so fun with the egg! Love all the glitter, too!

  4. Wonderful swap you guys did--so fun to see the variety of projects! I really love the look of your "paradise colors" for the bird--beautiful!